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Posted by Hoot ( on 14:05:20 06/29/13

In Reply to: Not so fast..................................... posted by Ballpark Frank

I think we're looking at the same study. It's a pdf file linked on the IGBST website.
I see contradictions from USFW and IGBST.
You said, " How can you base decisions on delisting on a food source that is only a substantial factor in 20% of your years?"
And I totally agree with you on both aspects of this. 1. it's only 20% and 2. you don't make a decision based on only 20%
But then the agencies have on their websites what you quoted above "whitebark pine seeds are arguably the most important fattening food available...." and this from the same document, "For these reasons we postulated that availability
of whitebark pine seeds has the greatest potential
of any single food-related factor to impact
behavior and demography of the Yellowstone
grizzly bear population."
Doesn't that sound like they are saying that the pine nuts are very important? Maybe they just got carried away on it. At the very least, they needed to include many of the points you have raised.
When they file the delist in the Fed Reg and state that the white pines are insignificant, while they have these other studies on file, it has the appearance of shenanigans. Same way with the new counting methods. "We changed how we count them, just in time for delisting"
Changing gears here, let me get all Photodude on ya ;-)
Did you see they have a new invasive weed plan?
Yea, they're going to curtail off road parking. I think the current plan has that in it as well.
You've been to Lamar. Nuff said.
Inconsistency and contradictions do not play well in court and delisting is a legal process. I'm not sure where I stand on delisting grizzlies. I'm kinda OK with it, but I want them to do it right. I hope this new study is comprehensive and conclusive.
Did ya catch the northern lights last night? I'm seeing photos from the lower 48, so it must have been even better up there.

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