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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 10:58:36 09/27/16

In Reply to: Image of bear cubs in martini glass posted by Robert Trout


First, I am useless regarding your quest for that image. I'm on a lengthy diversion in Alaska, but will be returning to Yellowstone country eventually.

My question is where you were working as an NPS fire guard. I am thinking you were a fire lookout, but it is possible you were engaged in some other fire-related activity. I'm thinking the Pelican Cone fire lookout might have still been operational back in 1974, but I am not certain. That leaves Mt. Holmes, Mt. Sheridan, and Mt. Washburn as the likely places you would have been assigned, were you doing such work.

If you were on Mt. Washburn, you might be the fellow that two of my younger brothers and I disturbed on the morning of the 4th of July in 1974. We were camped at Bridge Bay campground, and got up super early to hike Mt. Washburn in hopes of catching critters to observe and photograph before the typical procession of visitors started walking the mountain. I don't remember what time it was when we arrived, but it was way early. I remember the fire lookout exiting the top level of the structure after we had been up there for a while. He was friendly and conversed with us, but I did get the impression that our running around up there might have woke him up.

Another part of my recollection of this jaunt is the fact that a passing cloud actually produced snowflakes that fell on us at one point. It was the only time I have ever had snow fall on me in July, and that was the key to my being able to say I have been snowed on in every month in Yellowstone.

If those glass dividers were removed as part of a remodeling (I know of several since 1974), one of the old hands that are still around Yellowstone may know what happened to them. If you post your question on a number of Yellowstone-oriented websites, you might find someone knowledgeable.


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