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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 11:43:44 01/11/17

The NPS announced last Friday an area closure around the Stephens Creek facility in preparation for what is coming. Unbeknownst to this poster, the IBMP partners got together on December 1, 2016, and decided that with the park bison population estimated to be at 5,500, which is pretty high, compared to what we have seen most recent years, reductions in the herd are necessary. As the press release states, the two means of reducing the population, are (1) public and tribal hunting outside the park and (2) capturing bison near the park boundary and then transferring them to Native American tribes for processing and distribution of meat and hides to their members.

If you know any undergraduate political science majors contemplating pursuing a graduate degree, please suggest that they do their Masters thesis or doctoral dissertation on the political paralysis that plagues this scenario. After decades of conflict, discussion, meetings, and protests, the killing continues. Each state and federal agency can articulate why their hands are tied. I have my own opinion of which agency is more culpable than the others, and that is APHIS (federal Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service). Others may point the finger at the Forest Service, National Park Service, or State of Montana Department of Livestock.

This mess is a classic example of one of the worst aspects of governmental bureaucracy, and showcases the CYA behavior and unwillingness to stick your neck out endemic to the IBMP process.


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