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Posted by Granite Head ( on 09:49:31 03/01/21

It's totally unattended so it's a big of a magnet for ne'er do-wells. Such as myself.

Ravens will gather at the site of a carcass (in this case, a bull elk killed by Yellowstone's Wapiti Lake wolf pack the night before) as soon as they detect the possibility of food. They're great consumers of flesh, in fact collectively they eat more pounds of meat than any other species in Yellowstone. The wolves were back from their initial digestive naps to get back to work on the still bountiful remains but at least one of their members took it upon itself to try to snatch a pesky raven out of the air. In spite of the remarkable height (especially given how big its belly is!!) of it's leap, it failed to nab a bird, but it did make the entire flock scatter, if only temporarily.

The white wolf behind the carcass - with the black spot on her tail - is the alpha female of this 20-member pack.

The Wapitis got their prey close enough to be observed from the roadside, but far enough that the presence of human observers did not disturb or distract the wolves from their hard-won, very important (given that the temperature had never risen even close to 0° F during the couple of days and nights this unfolded) meals.

Photo taken at an appropriate, and legal distance along the road, with a long zoom, and is heavily cropped.

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