I have so many questions

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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 17:29:18 06/26/13

In Reply to: trout, lynx and wolverines posted by Hoot


These are questions that arise in my mind, but I am too busy with other matters to research these:

1.) Mindful of the long history of Yellowstone grizzly recovery, why is it that suddenly we have this question surface? Does anyone remember the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST)? How about each of the 3 stakeholder states that authored post de-listing management plans, which went through an extensive process of public comment and revision?

2.) I am instantly suspicious of a "peer-reviewed" study that was (a) partially funded by the NRDC, and (b) will be published in the journal Conservation Letters. I would be just as suspicious of a "peer-reviewed" study that was (a) partially funded by the Wyoming Association of Hunting Guides, and (b) published in American Rifleman magazine. I guess the question is does anyone really believe the authors are objective?

3.) What's David Mattson's background? Since he is a USGS bear researcher, is he stationed in the Yellowstone Center for Resources in Mammoth or the Denver Federal Center? (Knowing what I know about the forced export of considerable research resources and responsibility from the NPS to the USGS makes me naturally suspicious.)

Now some comments:
1.) Re-reading the article, another hard core environmental organization's name popped up, i.e. EarthJustice. Now I'm really nervous about the supposed objectivity of the research! The fact of the matter is Yellowstone's grizzly population continues to slowly grow, and anyone with a modicum of knowledge about grizzly ecology knows the territoriality of males, and the tendency for a growing population to expand its range. I would say to Doak and Cutler: "Nice try, trying to attribute range expansion to a food shortage, but it's a weak argument, given the facts."

2.) Ironically, I am involved in something strangely similar regarding two sides of a biomedical debate. The polarization is striking. Two opposing sides have published "research reviews", each quoting over 20 studies, yet not one study appears in both reviews.

3.) If the idealistic, well-intentioned folks that keep contesting grizzly de-listing are successful, and bear-man conflict keeps growing outside the national parks in Greater Yellowstone, we will see a suite of unintentional/unwanted costs.............to grizzlies, humans, and the other wildlife species that legitimately merit listing.

4.) You are correct to figure that improved optics coupled with experience produces more sightings. I've experienced the same phenomenon. At the same time, looking at specific habitat over time, e.g. Antelope Creek, Hayden Valley, Lamar Valley, Little America, Pelican Valley, Swan Lake Flat, observation spread over 25 or more years, I'm seeing more griz with binoculars or the naked eye over time.


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