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Yellowstone National Park
Animals / Mammals / Wildlife

Yellowstone Wildlife - NPS Image by Robert Hynes edited by John William Uhler - Page Makers, LLC

Yellowstone National Park Animals / Mammals and Wildlife are exciting to watch in their natural environment. It is believed that with the re-introduction of the gray wolf that all the wildlife present today are the same as prior to the area being made into a national park. The most common animals in Yellowstone National Park are listed above and below. You can print these lists and take them with you for a reference when you visit Yellowstone. You can also print the Adobe pdf file linked at the bottom of the page.

Yellowstone Animal Map - NPS Image

Animal Habitat Population
Big Brown Bat roost in sheltered areas common
Fringe-tailed Bat large snags, roost in cliffs uncommon
Hoary Bat roost in trees uncommon
Little Brown Bat buildings, roost in caves, trees common
Long-eared Bat buildings, roost in cliffs uncommon
Long-legged Bat buildings, cliffs, roost in trees common
Silver-haired Bat roost in trees, including snags common
Townsend's Big-eared Bat roost in caves uncommon
Western Small-footed Bat caves, roost in rocky areas rare, if present
Yuma Bat buildings, roost in caves, trees rare, if present

Bears, Cats, Dogs, Raccoons and Weasels
Animal Habitat Population
Black Bear forests, meadows 500-650
Grizzly Bear forests, meadows 250-610
Bobcat forests, meadows may be widespread
Cougar mountains, rocky areas 15-17
Lynx subalpine forests few
Coyote forests, meadows common
Gray Wolf forests, meadows >100
Fox meadows occasional
Raccoon rivers, cottonwoods rare
Badger sagebrush common
Fisher forests rare, if present
Marten coniferous forests common
Mink riparian forests occasional
River Otter lakes, ponds, rivers common
Striped Skunk riparian to forests rare
Long-tailed Weasel willows to spruce/fir forests common
Short-tailed Weasel willows to spruce/fir forests common
Wolverine alpine, coniferous forests rare

Beavers, Chipmunks, Gopher, Mice, Porcupine, Squirrels, & Voles
Animal Habitat Population
Beaver ponds, streams 500
Least Chipmunk forests common
Uinta Chipmunk forests common
Yellow Pine Chipmunk forests common
Northern Pocket Gopher forests, meadows, sagebrush common
Yellow-bellied Marmot rocky slopes common
Deer Mouse grasslands common
Western Jumping Mouse riparian occasional
Muskrat lakes, ponds, streams common
Porcupine forests, sagebrush, willows common
Golden-mantled ground squirrel forests, rocky slopes common
Northern Flying Squirrel forests occasional
Red Squirrel forests common
Uinta Ground Squirrel meadows, sagebrush common
Heather Vole sagebrush to forests occasional
Long-tailed Vole moist meadows common
Meadow Vole moist meadows common
Montane Vole moist meadows common
Red-backed Vole dense forests common
Water Vole riparian occasional
Bushy-tailed Woodrat rocky slopes common

Hares, Pikas, and Rabbits
Animal Habitat Population
Desert Cottontail shrub lands common
Mountain Cottontail shrub lands common
Pika rocky slopes common
Snowshoe Hare forests, willows common
White-tailed Jackrabbit grasslands, sagebrush common

Hoofed Mammals
Animal Habitat Population
Bighorn Sheep cliffs, mountain slopes 250-275
Bison grasslands, meadows >3,500
Elk (Wapiti) forests, meadows 15,000-25,000
Moose forests, riparian <500
Mountain Goat alpine meadows, rocky slopes 175-225
Mule Deer grasslands, forests, shrublands 2,300-2,500
White-tailed Deer grasslands, shrublands, forests occasional
Pronghorn grasslands, sagebrush 200-250

Animal Habitat Population
Dusky Shrew moist meadows, forests common
Dwarf Shrew moist meadows, forests rare
Masked Shrew moist meadows, forests common
Preble's Shrew moist meadows, forests rare, if present
Water Shrew moist meadows, forests common

Click here to print the Animal / Mammal List (please note this is an Adobe pdf file).

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The Gray Ghost
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